Great Australian Motorcycle Stories

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The 40 short stories in this great book cover almost every aspect of motorcycling, and are guaranteed to entertain both experienced biking enthusiasts as well as those motivated to get out onto the black-top on two wheels!

Another popular book by John Bryant is

Great Australian Ute Stories

book is now available at ABC Bookshops & other retailers

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The 40 short stories in this great book celebrate that unique Aussie invention, the Ute! These stories come from all over the country and are guaranteed to entertain anyone who has ever driven borrowed or stolen a Ute.

Copies autographed by the Author are available upon request….

Books by John Bryant include:

  • Real Aussies Drive Utes (1999 HarperCollins)
  • Real Aussies Drive Utes II (2001 HarperCollins)
  • Real Life in the Hawkesbury (2012, 75 short inspirational, nonfiction stories)
  • Great Australian Ute Stories (2012 HarperCollins, above)
  • Great Australian Motorcycle Stories (2014 HarperCollins, above)

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Winner of $1000 cash for the most entertaining motorbike story is Ms J Scanlan of Kurrajong Heights, NSW.
Her story about a paramedic treating a motorcycle crash victim will appear in a new book being released in 2014.
CONGRATULATIONS, and thanks to all those who submitted entries.

REWARD ~ $1000 CASH !



We are pleased to announce a competition to find Australia’s most entertaining motorbike story with a $1000 cash prize to the winner!


Your story can be fact or fiction, from 500 to 3000 words, be original and not previously published.

It doesn’t matter what type of motorcycle ~ moped, scooter, dirt bike, sports rocket, cruiser, or tourer ~ all are fair game
Most importantly your story must be entertaining and focus on motorcycles and/or riders!
Some possible storylines could include:

  • Your love affair with a particular bike
  • A classic adventure or trip on a motorcycle
  • An anecdote about a weird motorcycle rider or pillion
  • A crazy, humorous, interesting or tragic event while riding
  • Things you’ve done on a bike that everyone needs to know about

If relevant, feel free to include photos to support your story

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