About Us

The search for the
Australia’s most entertaining motorcycle story
is being spearheaded by
John Bryant (Johnr Pty Ltd)

John has published three books about Aussie Utes (Real Aussies Drive Utes, and Real Aussies Drive Utes II and Great Australian Ute Stories), written a Ute column in the RM Williams “Outback” magazine for a number of years, and has now embarked on a mission to unearth Australia’s most entertaining motorcycle stories.
He became addicted to motorcycles at age 15 after bolting an old motorised wheelchair engine to his push bike. Nearly half a century later he has ridden them all; mopeds, scooters, dirt bikes, sports rockets, cruisers, and tourers. His two-wheeled adventures have led him into the volcanoes of NZ, across the prairies and deserts of USA, and around a lot of Oz. John started Australia’s first motorcycle wedding escort service by importing six of the world’s biggest road bikes, dressing his riders in tux jackets, bow ties and white gauntlets. After surviving several wipeouts, he is now growing old disgracefully on two wheels, ever attentive to the call of the black top.
He just LOVES bikes!

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